About Us

About us

 i) Ethical Basis

Sage Consulting has, a Biblical verse as its mission statement;‐' Desiring to act honourably in all things' Hebrews 13:18. The company runs based on a Christian ethic and has as its basis for existence the aim of faithfully providing its services to the best of its ability to all clientele, irrespective of the size. Indeed, as we can prove, honesty and faithfulness do pay, as our clientele have consistently referred new clientele to us, meaning that we have, to date, not needed to do any marketing to get work.

ii) Unique Approach

Sage Consulting is founded on the premise that property is an asset and that any investor in the sector, whether Private or Public Sector, wants to ensure value for his money. Moreover, investors in the sector want to maximize their returns. Sage therefore aims at bridging the gap between Architectural design and Property as an investment.‐(i.e. adding value through design).This approach has been made possible by the Managing Directors dual expertise in Architecture and Property development and Investment

iii) Resource Management Strategies

We at Sage Consulting believe in changing with the ever dynamic technological trends. It is for this reason that the company has invested in cutting edge technology, including top of the range computers, software and plotters/printers for speedy and quality production of their works to the client’s satisfaction.  The company has also invested in the latest software and is in the process of training its staff to improve efficiency and reduce the length of the learning curve.

iv) Citizen Empowerment

Sage Consulting is committed to empowering the citizens of Botswana as much as possible. For this reason, the company has striven to employ citizens wherever possible in its operations and to ensure that they are acquiring necessary skills. Currently, the company has a citizen compliment of about 75%. The company is also involved in providing attachment to University students during their holidays.

Why Choose Us

  • We put our clients first
  • We care of the culture and environment we working in
  • We have international experience
  • Highly experience staff members 
  • Group Sales

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Contact & Support

  • Address : P.O. Box 25189 Gaborone
  • Plot: Plot 10041, Noko Road, Broadhurst Industrial Gaborone Botswana
  • Email : contact@sage.co.bw
  • Tel: +267 3907307
  • Fax: +267 3907301



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